Wheelchair Lifts

A General Guide for Wheelchair Lifts

What is a Wheelchair lift?

Wheelchair LiftA wheelchair lift is also know by term vertical platform lift. These lifts are fully powered to raise both wheelchair and its occupant in order to overcome barriers like steps or small rocks.

They also operate to enable the occupant of the wheelchair to enter or exit a vehicle. These machines are available in various models to meet the requirements of individuals according to their lifestyles.

The wheelchair lifts are actually electric or hydraulic machines that are capable of lifting the wheelchair and its occupant so that the occupant can have an easy access to vehicles or buildings.

Generally, these machines work on a simple button in order to transport the chair smoothly towards the destination.

Wheelchair lifts for vehicles

These kind of lifts are available in various styles to suit various types of vehicles. Not all wheelchair lifts suit every kind of vehicle. You need to use different models for different vehicles.

For instance, you have lifts that support big vehicles like vans, mini buses, trucks and also small vehicles like scooters. Based on the requirements of the individual needs and specific factors, the models can be selected from the wide range.

1.   Wheelchair lifts for vans

Wheelchair lift for VansA number of vendors are offering wheelchair lifts for vans and other vehicles. You can get the branded models installed by certified technicians. These lifts enable the occupants of the lift to enter and exit the vans.

They are selected based on the type of chair, width of the entry, weight and height of the occupant and other preference factors of the vehicle. The vendors guide the clients by offering demo programs and offer access to image gallery in order to understand the functionality and features.

This way, the customer can select the model that can best suit their requirement. The operation of the machine is very simple with a single button. The occupant needs to simply roll the wheelchair on the platform and press a button.

The automated process starts to lift the wheelchair, which is extremely powerful and safe. Also, the design includes retractable belts in order to increase security.

Some models operate electrically can be foldable. The folds and unfolds are done in up and down cycles of movement respectively. Optionally, you can even control the machine remotely for those users who are physically disabled.

2.   Wheelchair lifts for cars

Wheelchair lift for CarsWheelchair lifts for cars are available in a number of styles as there are numerous models of cars in the market today. It is not that every model of a car needs a unique wheelchair lift.

After all, whatever the model of the car is, the lift should be compatible enough to hold the wheelchair such that the occupant can enter and exit the car. Therefore, you need to consider the model that best suits with the measurements of the entry of your car.

The models are specially designed to suit the transferring of the users into and out of vehicles. You can get them in foldable models so that you can carry them wherever you want, along with you.

Portable wheelchair lift

Portable Wheelchair LiftPortable wheelchair lifts are those that can enable you to carry along with you. Generally, they are designed to be space efficient and foldable, so that it can be easy for you to carry along with you.

Usually models of this category are multipurpose machines that offer access to destinations like elevated platforms, drama stages, historic buildings, auditoriums, churches, schools and colleges.

This enables the handicapped to access various locations they desire to visit. The lift is designed to be ideal for places where structural alterations are not possible or prohibited for historic reasons.

These portable lifts are simple and easy to use. Some of the portable models do not make use of electric components or batteries or hydraulic components and thus, makes the maintenance easy.

Commercial wheelchair lifts

Commercial wheelchair liftsCommercial wheelchair lifts are constructed to be compatible for accessing the path of all kinds of public and professional buildings like religious buildings, universities, colleges, schools, offices etc.

It is an alternative to unsightly ramps. Using this model, the occupant can easily overcome architectural barriers. The model needs minimum space compared to a ramp. It is designed to be simple and easy to install and configure to your deck.

Some of the scenarios that demand you to use this model are:

  • If you have a deck at a higher height
  • If the deck is just a few steps away from your front or back entrance
  • If the occupants of the wheelchairs are restricted to access your commercial building

Electric wheelchair lift

Electric wheelchair liftElectric or power wheelchair lifts are those that are operated electrically to lift the occupant along with the wheelchair. The operation is just made with the touch of a button.

The user needs to push the button and the lifting process happens automatically. The caregiver finds it very easy to operate these kind of machines, especially when the occupant is handicapped or disabled.

Some of the models take the electric power from the charged batteries and most of the models come with rechargeable batteries. These machines are powerful, simple and easy to use.

Wheelchair lifts for homes

Wheelchair lifts for homesHome or residential wheelchair lift models belong to a category that work to suit homely environment. These machines can be installed at home and are available in various styles.

Some of the styles operate to climb the stairs while some slide over the wall. And, some of them operate to give the occupant an access to the objects that are at a height. Therefore, based on the requirement, you can get the model to suit your necessity at your home.

The operation is easy and simple to use. You can get these models that work on power generated through batteries or mechanical or hydraulic components.

Outdoor wheelchair lift

Outdoor Wheelchair LiftOutdoor models are those that can help the occupant to be interactive with the outdoor surroundings. These models are also available in different styles that work on various kinds of power.

Usually, these machines support outdoor requirements like climbing stairs, entering buildings, reaching the base of a stage at higher height etc. With the wide range of models made available by the related industry, the user can match the one that best suits personal requirement.

Wheelchair stair lift

Wheelchair Stair LiftThis model is also termed as wheelchair stair climber as it enables the occupant to reach the desired location over the stairs by climbing over the stairs.

If you are planning to use a wheelchair lift at home, you can attach it to the stairs to incorporate it to the structure of your house. This lift is designed to attach a platform lift to a heavy duty tracks, which are connected to the side of the staircase.

The platform structure is constructed to be square and flat, which is recognized as a lift cab. The dimensions of the structure is generally 4.5 feet in width or more.The size is made sure to be big enough to fit a wheelchair on the base of the platform.

Some of these lifts are operated by cables and hydraulics. Both the models possess automated brakes and locks. If you install the lift to work along the side of your inside wall, you may need to innovate the wall to prepare a structure that is compatible enough to install the lift. You may need to use stanchions to add additional support.

Handicap wheelchair lifts

Handicap Wheelchair LiftThese models are those that support the disabled or handicapped persons, who want to reach the destination. Using these machines, the disabled can move from one place to another over the floor.

The destination can be a vehicle, stair, building etc. Depending on the requirement, you can get the model that best suits your personal needs. Generally, when the requirement is for a disabled person, then the usage is forever.Therefore, it is better to go for a new that you can get through sale.

Achieving such lifts on rental or used category might not guarantee reliability and durability. These models make use of waist belts that adds an additional security to the occupant. All the seating components used to construct the machine are made to give a great comfort to the user.

Wheelchair platform lift

Wheelchair Platform LiftPlatform lifts are also available to suit various scenarios of requirement. The model possess a platform constructed in square structure to accommodate the wheelchair along with its occupant.

The lift enables the occupant along with the chair to reach the top of the stairs, curved stairs, inside and outside home surroundings.

These lifts are also available in models that can be installed inside the home. The model is constructed to incorporate an enclosed unit and a clad.

Inclined wheelchair lift

inclined wheelchair liftsAn inclined wheelchair lift is a model that allows the occupant to travel the places that are not wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. In some instances, the stairs can be curved or the way might be curved.

In such cases, you can make use of these machines to overcome the location securely. Generally, this model is used in instances where vertical lift cannot accommodate to resolve the issue.

Some of the models that belong to this category are portable, in the sense that they are foldable to leave the way on the stairs for other pedestrians to use. This is an ideal model for a home that is busy or has space issue.

Can you get used models?

These type of lifts are those that are used, but are still in good condition to be used. You can get these type of lifts at very less prices, irrespective of how high end features the model possesses.

You can get an access to these kind of models by surfing online. There are special sites where people intend to sell off their machine after they  find no use with it.

Also, certain vendors who are into the business, do offer such used machines apart from selling the new ones. You can get the one that best suits your requirement.

What about repairs?

Repairing of a wheelchair lift needs to be done by a well-trained technician. You can avail the services from the companies that are certified to install and repair the equipment.

Not all of them have expertise to repair all the models. The technicians are trained and specialized on certain models. If you take the product with an insurance or warranty, the company can bear the charges of your repair. You can also get services at your doorstep by booking an appointment online.

What about installation?

Installing a wheelchair lift depends on the type of the location where you want to install. If you plan to install it for accessing stairs then, you need to determine the dimensions of the staircase.

The setting of the wheelchair lift should be comfortable enough to operate within the width of the staircase. If it is not operating freely then, you might need to increase the width of the staircase.

Similarly, if you are planning to install the model at home premises to access the top of the building or stage or vehicle, you need to plan accordingly. In every case, which ever model you use, you need to consider certain factors like weight of the wheelchair and occupant.

Both the weights must be added together and calculated to find out if the installation position supports the weight and offer proper and smooth transfer of the occupant from one place to another.


A wheelchair lift is a patient lift that enables the occupant to reach various types of destinations like vehicles, home, staircases, buildings, outdoor surroundings etc.

The occupant can be an elderly person, patient who can contribute minimum mobility of their leg and hand muscles, or the disabled. These machines are available in different styles and work on various kinds of power like electric or hydraulic power.

You can also get mechanic and manual machines. Depending on your personal needs, you can get them to overcome the vertical barriers on your way and reach the destination.