Hoyer Lift Slings

What Is A Hoyer Lift Sling?

Hoyer Lift Sling
Patient lifts are available in various models. One of the models is the one that uses sling to accommodate the patients while attempting to lift from one place to another. Usually, the two main parts of a patient lift are the sling, and the lift.

Sling is the part of the machine in which the patient is allowed to rest. Resting posture depends on the type of the model. Some of the slings enable the patients to sleep, while some enable to sit, and others allow to stand. A sling can accommodate one patient and is available in various sizes. You need to select based on the size and weight of the patient.

The other main part is the lift that lifts the sling along with the patient. The sling is attached to the lift by hooking it with loops. The loops need to be hooked evenly in order to maintain proper balance for the lift.

How do you use a sling?

The lift makes use of two sections, first, a sling in which the patient lies and second, the lift that lifts the sling along with the patient.

Before using the lift, one should know how to make use of the lift or else, the patient who is lying in the sling might be slipped off from the position while trying to lift the sling. Therefore, it is very important to understand the using methodology of the machine.

After the patient is placed appropriately in the sling, the sling is hooked to the lift to transfer the patient to the desired location. While resting the patient onto the desired location, ensure that the patient is properly positioned to rest securely.

What Instructions Do You Need To Follow?

Every product comes with a user manual that instructs how to use the machine in different scenarios. Below mentioned method is the basic one, and the methods might change slightly with the model. However, the basic theme of using a Hoyer lift is always the same.

Step-by-step method to use sling

Sling is the section of the machine, in which the elderly person or the patient is allowed to lie or sit. Ensure that the patient is resting on the proper location of the sling before attempting to lift it.

If you are careless about it then, the patient might slip off from the sling, causing severe injuries. Below is the method explained how to use the sling:

  • First, let the patient roll onto one side and then place the sling under the patient’s body.
  • Then, allow the patient to roll back so that the patient is now resting on the sling.
  • Let the patient to roll other side if necessary, and pull the sling further so that the patient rests on the correct position of the sling.

Types Of Slings

Various types of slings are available to meet the requirement of the patients’ health condition. Slings are available in various sizes, capacities and some of the models come with head support. Below is the discussion of some of the most commonly used models.

1. Shower Sling

Shower Sling
Shower slings are that those that are particularly designed to meet the requirements that demand bath and shower. These slings are made of polyester net or permeable plastic-coated net, but those made of polyester fabric are most commonly used.

These slings are offered by the market in various models, each designed to meet a specific requirement. Based on your personal needs, you can select the one that supports and offers comfort to the patient. The patient who is occupied in the sling can comfortably take shower without any hassle.

The plastic-coated net fabric allows the water to pass through easily, and once the work is done, the water can be wiped off completely.

2. Sling With Head Support

Sling With Head Support
Slings with head supports can be available in any of the models that you are looking for. The head support is generally padded and the patient can feel comfortable as the support gives a comfortable posture to the head.

These slings are generally preferred for those patients whose health condition demands high support to head and comfort to the body.

The material with which it is made of is ought to be very flexible and is designed to be in the shape of the body. Therefore, the user can feel good comfort ability for hours. The mesh used is generally polyester, and you can also get in other types of fabric.

3. Slings Commode

Sling Commode
Commode slings are those that are designed to facilitate toileting for the patients. Apart from medium slings, you can also get full-body slings that possess four points to hook up the sling for achieving balance.

You can get these type of slings with a flexible fabric, that does not lose its shape after the usage by the patient. You can get the slings in various sizes. Also, if you need a padded model, you can get them too.

Such models can give comfort ability to the patient at the maximum extent, as the patient can feel a soft surface. The models are designed to hold the grip of the occupant in order to avoid slipping off the sling.

Slings For Sale

You can get the slings from various sources like retail shops, vendors, online and so on. If you know the exact measurement of the sling you are looking for then, you can get it from online.

Before buying one, go through the customer reviews for the specific model you are looking forward to avail. The customers are the real users of any product and it is they who can guide with the performance of the product.

You can believe them to be the genuine details and if you are satisfied with the feedback information, you can compare the prices of various vendors who are offering the same product. You can then finalize the vendor from whom you would like to buy the sling.

Never go with the marketing tactics that can misguide you with offers and discounts, tempting you to buy the model that you might not be benefitted much. Therefore, make a wise decision and fulfil your requirement to reach your goal.


Patient lifts are available in various models, and you can choose the one that best suits your requirement. Some scenarios demand the patient to sit while some demand to stand. Whatever is the requirement, you need to know the measurements of the sling.

Based on the width and height of the patient’s resting posture in the sling, you can finalize the size of the sling. Always go for the one that best suits your requirement and not by the marketing tactics.

Consider customer reviews and various offers offered by various vendors. Compare all of them together and choose the one that can satisfy your necessity.